Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Open Up In Rare Interview, Admit They ‘Do Everything Together’

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are notoriously private. They don’t have public social media profiles, and they rarely give interviews.

They retired from acting in 2012, so we don’t even get to see them in the spotlight much anymore. But the sisters gave a rare interview to WSJ Magazine, and it offers a fascinating insight into their twin bond.

“It’s been 32 years of learning how to communicate,” Ashley said of their relationship. Their bond is like “a marriage and a partnership. We have had ups and downs.”

Through it all, the Olsen twins remain close.

“We do everything together,” Ashley said.

Mary-Kate chimed in: “We came out of the womb doing that.”

Throughout the interview, Mary-Kate and Ashley regularly finished each other’s sentences, writer Christina Binkley reported.

The sisters are getting ready to launch their first full menswear collection through The Row, the fashion line that they began 13 years ago.


The new menswear fashion line might explain why they granted WSJ Magazine an interview – something they do very rarely.

In the interview, we also learn lots of details about the twins’ work relationship.

They’ve owned their fashion line The Row for 12 years now, and it has won four Council of Fashion Designers of America awards.

The pair are apparently very particular with their approach to design — a passion they’ve shared for a long time.

They once spent six months debating whether to put the two handles on their Margaux bag on the inside or outside of the bag. They ended up asking the office to take a vote, but it was split. So they produced it both ways.

Another time, the Olsens spent a full year “really figuring out the fit of the suit.”

They appreciate a slightly higher rise on men’s pants, though the difference might not be obvious to most.

“We’re talking millimeters,” Mary-Kate said.

With their tight bond, running a fashion line together might come naturally.


After all, they’ve been working side by side since they shared a role as Michelle on Full House — a role they opted not to reprise for the Netflix reboot, Fuller House.

The pair were hired to play Michelle before they were even a year old.

After a string of TV movies, books, and other classics that ’90s babies will never, ever forget, the two shifted fully into fashion in 2012 — still side by side.


But Ashley says their relationship has had its “ups and downs” like any partnership.

They also confirmed in the new interview that they do live separate lives.

Mary-Kate lives in New York City and is in the process of divorcing her husband, 49-year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy. They married in 2015 and are currently splitting up while Mary-Kate is staying with Ashley.

Ashley, on the other hand, might move back to Los Angeles, she says.

But after 32 years of twindom, we doubt an across-country move will do anything to weaken their bond.