Dad Peeks Over Curtain In Delivery Room, But Doctors Yell ‘No!’ When He Reaches In For Baby

by Kat Manos
Kat Manos is an Associate Editor who loves arguing about indie rock, classic literature, and "Star Wars."

There are few places more chaotic and stressful than a delivery room in a hospital. Luckily, they are often as joyful as they are chaotic.

And at one hospital in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Marvin Dure was beaming with joy as his wife Magniola gave birth.

While some parents like to know the gender of their future child ahead of time, the Dures wanted to leave that special reveal until delivery day!

So, at Wayne Memorial Hospital, Magniola prepared for her C-section delivery in a packed delivery room full of doctors, nurses, and a family member, along with her husband.

Luckily someone else was filming his reaction to the birth!

In the video below, Marvin stands in his scrubs, eagerly bouncing on his heels just behind the curtain that separates him from the procedure. He has his camera at the ready to welcome his new child into the world.

Marvin’s eyes grow so wide just as the baby is birthed into the world, and he gets so excited that he even reaches over the curtain to grab it!

The doctors and nurses are quick to have him step back  he’s so shocked, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing!

Someone behind the camera asks him, “What is it? What is it?”

But Marvin can barely contain himself! Even the doctors and nurses start laughing.

To find out if Marvin and Magniola had a boy or a girl  and to see Marvin’s hysterical reaction — check out the video below and be sure to SHARE it on Facebook!

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