Martial Artist Dad Hears Piercing Scream, Then He Sees Woman Being Attacked And Rushes To Her

by Emerald Pellot
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Luis Ruiz is a fifth-degree black belt in karate and a martial arts instructor. His stepson, Antonio Pina, happens to be a third-degree black belt.

Perhaps it was that the two men knew they could handle themselves that they fearlessly engaged with an attacker.

One night, they were walking to their home in Brooklyn, NY. Ruiz heard a piercing scream. When they looked around, they noticed a woman being brutally beaten by a man.

“We notice that he’s grabbing her and slamming her on the ground,” Ruiz told CBS.

The father told his son to call for help. Ruiz quickly approached the criminal.

“So I say ‘hey, is everything OK, are you guys OK?’ The guy gets up like nothing, turns to his right and walks away like he wasn’t doing anything wrong,” he said.

Ruiz then comforted the woman, whose face, he says, was swollen beyond recognition and bloodied. The father and son were able to identify the attacker as Todd Deas. Police say he had 19 prior arrests, including rape and sexual abuse, and had recently been released on parole.

Had they not been there, who knows what would have happened.

“Hero is a big word. I’d rather think we just did the right thing, and that everyone in the neighborhood and in the world would do the right thing,” Ruiz said.

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