What Happens When You Put Marshmallows In A Vacuum Sealed Container

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Exciting things can happen in a kitchen, and I’m not just talking about trying out that strange recipe from your mom’s old cookbook. We all get in the mood to experiment with our food every now and then, testing the limits of spices and condiments until we reach the point of no return. I know I’ve cooked up some pretty bizarre things in my day. Now I mostly stick to ordering in, which is not so great for my bank account, but definitely safer for my palate.

While others have the skill to combine two ideas into a perfect blend of cuisines, like a pizza soup recipe, sometimes it’s just about having fun. I know our moms told us not to play with our food, but there are times when it’s just too cool to resist trying something like an unorthodox Jell-O mold or the weird reaction seen in the video below.

As a kid, I used to microwave marshmallows and excitedly watch them explode into gooey bits before my eyes. Of course, my mom quickly put a stop to the messy hobby, but I still remember the anticipation of watching it grow like my own version of the Stay Puft monster in Ghostbusters. Well apparently, there’s a much cleaner way to see the same results by using a vacuum-sealed container!

The puffy white treats expand and contract as he removes the air from the tub and releases it back in again. It looks so odd, but amazing at the same time! I had no idea this would happen to the simple snack food.

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