They Were Married For Over 7 Decades — But You Won’t Believe Their Final Day Together

by Cassandra Morris
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Sometimes, I really struggle to believe that true love still exists. Every time I turn around, it seems like a couple that just said “I do” is turning around and saying “I can’t.”

That’s why stories like these are so astounding. In this world of flimsy relationships and disposable vows, it’s refreshing — and reaffirming — to know that there are folks out there who have lived their lives in love.

But in Greater Manchester, England, one couple’s love was so powerful, even death couldn’t get in its way. I’ve heard that some couples become so close that their bodies work in sync, but I had no idea it could really happen

Halfway through their inspiring story, I couldn’t help but tear up. Have you ever known a couple this in love — or are you that couple?

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On July 3, 1943, after falling in love at first sight, two teenage sweethearts were wed. "As soon as he set eyes on Joan there was no other girl for him," a family member told The Mirror. "They were a handsome pair." Little did the happy couple know that their new marriage would soon be violently shaken.

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

Just six days after the storming of Normandy, 19-year old Walter Moss was sent off to France to fight. Behind him, he left his home, his 17-year old wife, and their unborn little girl, Adrienne.

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

Much to Joan's great delight, Walter survived the war. Upon his return, the family settled down and welcomed baby boy Martin. Their next 72 years together floated by like a dream.

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

They worked assorted jobs, raised two happy children, traveled in their caravan, and grew together in love. They loved each other wildly, and they hated spending time apart. But after retiring and welcoming two sweet grandchildren, the couple's health took a turn.

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

They were now elderly, and Walter had begun to develop dementia. Joan never left his side — until the loving couple was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. A few weeks later, Joan Moss would tragically pass away.

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

But as her grieving family deliberated on how to break the news to Walter, they realized they wouldn't have to: Just hours behind Joan, Walter also passed away. Now, after almost a quarter of a century together, Joan and Walter will be buried side-by-side, just as they had spent their lives.

"I look back on my life with mum and dad with great happiness," their son Martin told The Mirror. "I feel privileged in being able to say that I had a happy childhood."

joan walter moss married 72 years die on same day

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