Marine Recruit Rushed Into Surgery The Day Of Graduation Gets Salute By Hospital Staff

by Kelly Glass
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Micah Wooten was ready to graduate from his 13-week boot camp as a Marine recruit. A medical emergency, however, landed him in a South Carolina hospital instead.

Micah, 17, had to be rushed into emergency surgery the day of his graduation ceremony.

Hospital staff made sure the Marine recruit received the special honor he deserved, though. As Micah was being transported to a new room after his surgery, staff lined the hallway and played the Marines’ Hymn.

“He was laying in the hospital bed, but he stiffened himself up and perked himself up and he was smiling. He really loved it,” his mom, Missy Wooten, told

“He said it just made him feel so proud. He felt such a sense of ownership of what he had been through.”

Missy said she and her seven other kids had been getting ready that morning to attend Micah’s graduation when they got the call that her son needed to be transported from the Military Acute Care Department to Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

“It had been 13 weeks – that’s how long boot camp is,” Missy said. “There had been an emotional roller coaster all summer, and missing him, and that kind of thing.”

Many of the nurses and staff at Beaufort have had loved ones in the military or come from a military family, so they felt a special connection to Micah and his family.

“I’m sure they had hundreds of other patients at the time but to take time out of their day to do that was super special for him, and for us as parents,” Missy said. “We just can’t thank them enough for doing it.”

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