Marine Sees Newborn Son For The First Time, Breaks Down Sobbing Before He Even Reaches Him

by Amy Paige
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Marine Cpl. Brandon Crespo was deployed during his wife’s pregnancy. Sometimes he and Francis were only able to speak once a month.

Meanwhile, Francis was going to her doctor’s appointments, working to keep her mind and body healthy, and managing on her own as best she could.

Noah was born on June 13, 2018. Fortunately, Brandon was able to get on the phone and listen in while Francis was in labor.

As Brandon’s six-month deployment came to an end, all he could think about was seeing his wife and meeting his son for the first time ever.

In the clip below, he and his fellow Marines are dismissed at their base in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Francis waited to see Brandon with baited breath. Cradled in her arms was baby Noah, along with a big sign that read, “Out of my way! I meet my daddy today!”

Brandon went sprinting toward them as fast as he could — but he broke down in tears before they even embraced as a family of three.

Frantic first posted the homecoming for their family and friends to enjoy. Days later, they were shocked to see it had gone massively viral with 17 million views.

That’s how emotional and moving their reunion truly was.

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