Mom Asks Son For Sign From Heaven, Then Feels Weight On Foot When Robin Lands

by Rebecca Endicott
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In 2014, UK mom Marie Robinson laid her young son Jack to rest after a devastating battle with brain cancer.

Now, three years later, her family’s poignant story has captured the attention of the whole world, after Marie asked Jack to send her a sign from heaven.

Jack Robinson was just 4 years old when he passed away on April 1, 2014. He left behind his parents Marie and Terrence, his twin brother Liam, and his three older sisters.

This year, mom Marie was struggling to prepare emotionally for the third anniversary of his death.

On the morning of April 1, she was getting ready to leave to visit Jack’s grave.

She tells The Mirror that she was sitting in her car and said out loud, “Jack, please show Mummy a sign.”

Much like the mom who wished for a sign from her late daughter on her wedding day, Marie didn’t really expect a clear and visible sign from heaven. Still, she hoped.

However, when Marie arrived at the gravesite later that day, a powerful sign appeared almost immediately, and she even managed to capture the incredible moment on camera.

UK mom Marie Robinson captured an incredible moment on camera in early April and caught the attention of the whole world in the process. Millions of people clicked her photos and videos to watch a miracle unfold.

Marie took to Facebook to share the moment that she asked for a sign from her late son Jack and received an incredible and unexpected bounty.

Her photos and video of the moment have now been shared more than 100,000 times, with 30,000 people adding comments, and 200,000 reacting to her experience on Facebook.

In a brief caption along with the photos, Marie explains what happened.

Essentially, she was hoping for a symbolic gesture from from her late son Jack, and she got a truly unbelievable omen instead.

She arrived at Jack’s grave, and a tiny spring robin immediately fluttered down and landed on her.

She writes, “Can’t believe what’s just happened. Come to see my precious boy Jack, just sat down on the ground next to him and this happened. Yes, it brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from Jack.”

Jack passed away in 2014, at just four years old, after a brief and difficult battle with brain cancer.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January of 2014, and passed on just a few short months later, on April 1.

Three years later, his family still misses him every day.

They make regular visits to his gravesite, and mom Marie was prepared for an especially difficult trip on the third anniversary of his death.

When Marie arrived at the cemetery, she almost immediately had a magical encounter with a little spring robin.

In an interview with The Mirror, she explains, “[A] little robin kept flying around me trying to land on me, eventually landing on my foot – he didn’t seem scared at all…he flew over and landed on my hand. He kept looking at me directly in my face and at one point he landed on my shoulder and nibbled me a couple of times.”

The robin seemed almost unnaturally tame. What’s more, it wasn’t the first powerful encounter she has had with a robin.

Jack was a twin and is survived by his identical brother Liam. Liam, pictured at his twin’s grave, is now seven.

When Marie decided to ask for a sign from Jack, she didn’t realize that it would relate to his twin brother as well. She just wanted to feel that Jack was nearby and still with her on some level.

However, the sign that arrived, a robin, was relevant to both Jack and Liam.

Marie writes on Facebook that when the boys were little, she used to take them out to spot robins in the spring.

Robins have always been a major theme in the Robinson family. Even their surname relates to the red-breasted birds!

Over the past three years, since Jack passed away, Marie has often noticed robins that seem particularly interested in her little family.

In this post from December 2014, just six months after Jack passed away, she writes, “Just at my little Jack’s garden garden [sic] and I turn to one side and on the hedge is a sweet little robin watching me.”

In spiritual traditions, robins are often considered to be messengers from people who have passed on.

Spiritualist Kyle Gray writes in an online article that spotting a red-breasted robin means, “A loved one in heaven reminds you that you’re stronger than you realize!”

Whether or not your believe in signs, it certainly seems like the robin was there that day to offer Marie comfort and strength.

Do you believe in signs from departed loved ones?

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