Mom Traumatized After 3-Year-Old Daughter Gets Covered In Painful ‘Margarita Burn’ Skin Blisters

by Amy Paige
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Sabrina Miller and her family spent a weekend in June camping at the lake. Each time before her 3-year-old daughter went outside to splash around in the lake and play in the sun, Sabrina made sure to slather Kaleigh’s skin with lots and lots of sunscreen.

But one morning, Kaleigh woke up with what appeared to be painful blisters all over her skin. Sabrina was shocked and totally confused, considering how strict she’d been with the suntan lotion.

“I was just kind of traumatized, I was like, crying my eyes out, [wondering], ‘What is going on with her?'” Sabrina recounted to Inside Edition.

Sabrina took Kaleigh to the dermatologist, who confirmed the sunburn and sent her home with some lightweight lotion that would hopefully heal her skin.

But the next morning, Kaleigh’s skin looked even worse than it did the day before. Now there appeared to be second-degree burn blisters on her face.

Sabrina took her back to the dermatologist — and that’s when they realized this was no ordinary sunburn.

Kaleigh had suffered an extreme reaction to sun sensitivity, spurred on by something referred to as “margarita burn” (despite the fact Kaleigh never even touched a margarita). Sabrina had no idea this was even possible, but doctors say it’s actually more common than you may think.

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