Marcia Cross Takes To Instagram To Write About Her ‘Hard Journey’ With Anal Cancer

by Angela Andaloro

Marcia Cross is a celebrity who values her privacy. Fans of the actress, who is best known for her roles as Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives and Claire Haas on Quantico, don’t usually see or hear much from the actress outside of promoting her work.

She recently broke protocol and opened up about an intensely private matter, battling and beating anal cancer.

Fans of the actress were shocked to learn that she had been quietly fighting the disease, but Marcia spoke up about the matter in a series of recent Instagram posts. After a few posts emphasizing self-love and self-care, she revealed that she lost much of her hair due to anal cancer. In a later post, she clarified that she wasn’t currently sick but in the process of recovery and very optimistic.

She received an outpouring of support and sympathy from fans, who also felt empowered to share their own experiences.

Marcia Cross is known for her roles on Desperate Housewives and Quantico, but she’s pretty private as far as celebrities go.

Marcia has recently been posting about self-care and the importance of taking time for yourself, something that we can all certainly use in our increasingly chaotic lives.

Marcia posted this selfie in July, showing herself all smiles enjoying a day on the water. At this time, fans were unaware of what she was going through.

It wasn’t until September that the actress revealed that she had been battling anal cancer, although the details surrounding her illness were initially unclear.

Anal cancer is a rare form of cancer, accounting for only 0.5% of new cases of cancer annually, according to the National Cancer Institute.

The symptoms of anal cancer can sometimes be mistaken for hemorrhoids. They can include rectal itching, minor bleeding, and changes in bowel movements.

While the cause of anal cancer is unknown, there have been some connections made between HPV and anal cancer. Recent studies have found that over 93% of cases of anal cancer have been linked to HPV, according to the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation.

After the outpouring of support from her fan base, Marcia felt empowered to share more about her condition and her feelings about it.

This image marked Marcia’s first discussion of her condition, showcasing the state of her hair as a result of treatment. “So grateful and happy to be alive but sad that my hair fell out and is about 1 inch long now and looks cra cra. Anyone else have #hairloss due to #cancer? Talk to me. I feel you.  Xxoo m❤️❤️❤️”

She clarified that she is post-cancer in a follow-up post the next day and thanked fans for their warm thoughts and prayers.

As fans shared stories of their own battles with cancer and those of their loved ones, Marcia continued to express her endless gratitude.

Marcia then went on to post a photo of herself in a hair topper, writing, “Thanks for all of your love. I am rockin a #beanie and a #hairtopper and getting on with the glory of living! #resurrection #cancer #gratitude ONWARD.”

We’re so happy that Marcia is in good health and preaching a life of gratitude to those who need the uplifting thoughts and positivity.

Marcia even seems to be back to work, posting this photo in a wig for a new role. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.