Relay Runner Gives Up 1st Place Finish To Help Woman Who Collapsed Right Before End Of Marathon

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Chandler Self could see the finish line of the marathon. It was there for the taking. Exhaustion had begun to set in, and her muscles were aching, but she was practically there.

She would win.

And then, her legs gave out.

In a flash, the 32-year-old collapsed to the ground.

Instantly, pain and fear began to set in; fear that she wouldn’t finish the race — that her body wouldn’t allow her to finish.

“When I watch that video, I think I cringe like everyone else,” Chandler said after the marathon.

But just as all appeared to be lost, hope came in the form of a kind stranger.

17-year-old Ariana Luterman — another runner who had been running a relay race during Chandler’s marathon — saw her fall.

Instead of just running past her and leaving her behind, Ariana stopped to help Chandler.

“I even tried to push her away, but her heart was overcome with kindness and compassion for me that I think she was like, ‘I gotta help her,'” Chandler recalled.

She feared she would be disqualified from the marathon for accepting help, but Ariana didn’t stop trying to assist her for the rest of the race, practically carrying her forward at one point.

In the end, Ariana helped Chandler cross the finish line and Chandler was awarded the victory!

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