Mom’s Empowering Post Goes Viral After She Endures Stranger’s Harassment

by Rebecca Landman
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Michelle Kirk was minding her own business, enjoying her daily marathon-training run, when a stranger butted his way into her good time.

He stopped her cold, merely to criticize the sports bra she’d chosen to wear. He let her know that her chest was sagging, and warned that if she stuck with this bra choice, she’d only sag more in the future.

Completely outraged by his unwarranted judgement, Kirk wanted to lash out. But, she’d brought her 18-month-old daughter along on the run, and feared any further verbal altercation could spiral into dangerous territory. So, she kept her cool, for the time being.

Once she returned home, though, Kirk took to Facebook, posting a powerfully body positive response to this incident that has since inspired the masses.

Kirk told LittleThings, “I just want people to understand that bullying and body-shaming are real, and they hurt.”

Her empowering post has already reached thousands of different folks online, prompting others to share stories of how they too overcame adversity and boosted their own low self-esteem.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this strong mom stood up to her running path bully.

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running mom

Earlier this week, Michelle Kirk went out for what she figured would be a normal run.

She’s been training for the New York Marathon down in Fort Lauderdale’s Pine Ridge neighborhood.

However, midway through the park, a stranger stepped in to tear her down.

A man she’d never seen before blocked her path and, as she told the Miami Herald, told her, “‘Your boobs are sagging,’ and then he tried to explain the health aspect of it.”

She continued, “He was like, ‘They’re already heading south. I don’t think you want that.’”

Completely incensed, but also toting her 18-month-old daughter, Kirk chose to maintain her composure throughout the unnecessary interaction.

However, once she got home, she unleashed her body positive retaliation.

running mom

After her run, Kirk took to Facebook, posting this photo and writing:

To the nasty old man who stopped me mid run to inform me that I need to get a better sports bra because my boobs are sagging and will only sag more if I continue to run… f*** you. 

“You are the reason why women have insecurities. If you don’t like the way my boobs ‘sag’ when I run, then don’t look!

“I will NEVER stop doing what I love and I love myself way to (sic) much to have your hate bring me down!”

running mom

Since posting her empowering response, Kirk’s words have been praised by 1,500 folks and counting, with people all over the country applauding her body positivity.

Hundreds of comments have surfaced — some seconding Kirk’s strong message and others sharing their own stories of braving bullying.

Of the body shamers, Kirk told LittleThings: “They might think it’s a joke, but they need to realize that they are talking to human beings, just like them, who have feelings, just like them.

“We need to walk this Earth in other people’s shoes once in a while to see things from their perspective. Maybe then we would all be a little more kind.”

running mom

Through this experience, Kirk told LittleThings she’s learned “that there will always be cruel people in this world, but there will also be positive [people].”

She continued: “If you reach out to the world, those positive people can come together to help inspire each other to be body positive, better people and hopefully teach other people what’s socially acceptable to say to a stranger and what’s not!”

As she told the New York Daily News: “It shouldn’t be about who wears what better or looks better,” she said. “We gotta stick together and build each other up. We need to see each other for who we really are. We’re not perfect.”

mom and daughter

Encouraging other folks struggling to embrace their own bodies, Kirk told LittleThings: “You are beautiful. If you don’t believe it yet, set on a journey to see and become body positive and realize your self worth.

“Once you do, no one can bring you down. We are all stronger than we believe we are, so start believing and you will see a change that will radiate from the inside out.

“Also, don’t listen to the negativity. Those people are trying to bring you down. Don’t let them win!”

running mom

Faced with unwarranted judgement, this survivor chose to own her looks and her journey, inspiring folks all over the world with her beautifully body positive message.

What do you think of Kirk’s story? Have you ever been body-shamed? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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