Maniac With Gun Robs Convenience Store. Calm Cowboy Sees Woman In Danger And Acts Fast

by Amy Paige
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This amazing take-down is like something out of a movie, no wonder it’s being shared by so many people.

The dramatic scene, which took place at a Carnes Cares store in northern Mexico, was captured by security cameras.

It all began when a young man wearing a sweatshirt burst into the butcher shop/convenience store. Wielding a handgun, he headed straight towards the customer standing at the register and demanded money from him and the female cashier.

The customer was a middle-aged man wearing a cowboy hat and glasses. He kept his cool from the start, but it was clear he was figuring out a way to take the gun away from the robber.

Within seconds, the cowboy found his chance. The gunman got distracted when another female rounded the corner and stood there completely confused, then horrified once she realized there was a gun pointing at her.

That’s when the male customer calmly removed his glasses, risked his life and became a hero.

According to Fox News, “the would-be robber was taken into police custody. The identities of those involved weren’t immediately available.”

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