Bride Has Perfect Wedding. 6 Months Later, Doctor Makes A Chilling Realization About Her Husband

by Barbara Diamond
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For the first 46 years of his life, Clive Wearing was an accomplished musician, conductor and music expert.

The respected Englishman was healthy, intelligent and immensely gifted.

But in March of 1985, sixth months after marrying his wife Deborah, Clive woke up and couldn’t remember her name, or anything else for that matter. The doctor said he was just fatigued and had the flu. But when his symptoms worsened, out came the shocking diagnosis: Clive contracted the herpes simplex 1 virus, which usually causes cold sores. In a rare turn of events, the virus attacked his central nervous system instead of giving him a cold sore.

As a result, Clive developed one of the most severe cases of total amnesia doctors had ever seen. His memory lasts between seven and 30 seconds. He spends every day “waking up” again every 20 seconds before writing a new journal entry as if he has just awoken from a coma.

Most of Clive’s memories before 1985 have vanished, but the two things he does remember are love and music. He remembers how to play the piano and he recognizes his wife Deborah. “Every time she walks into the room he greets her as though he hasn’t seen her for ages. He runs to her and showers her with hugs and kisses, even if she only left for a few short minutes.”

Clive essentially falls in love with Deborah over and over again.

Nine years after Clive was diagnosed, Deborah had grown so defeated and disheartened by his illness that she filed for divorce and moved to the United States — but this didn’t last long. The couple has since renewed their vows. Clive is now 78 years old, and though he lives in a care house, Deborah visits him regularly and continues to love him unconditionally.

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