Virginia Man Verbally Attacks Group Of Friends For Having Picnic: ‘Go To Your Own Country’

by Amy P
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Tara Bokum was sitting outside with her friends in a public space in Fairfax, Virginia, enjoying their lunch on a picnic blanket.

Out of nowhere, a man approached them and demanded they get out from under the shady tree. When he started asking about their ethnicities, Tara and her friend asked him to please stop.

But the man refused to leave and proceeded to unleash a verbal attack, yelling racial slurs and aggressively pacing back and forth near the group of stunned friends.

Tara started to feel so uncomfortable that she took out her phone and started to film the encounter. “Racism is real,” she wrote in her Facebook caption.

Toward the end of the clip, a younger and seemingly embarrassed man — who claims to be the man’s stepson — urges him to leave the group alone and apologizes to Tara and her friends on his behalf.

Tara’s video is now going viral — yet another example of prejudice hiding in plain sight.

Video credit: Newsflare

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