Man Uses Sweet Potatoes And Squash To Play Perfect Rendition Of Toto’s Infamous Song ‘Africa’

by Olivia Jakiel
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Now, this is something you don’t see every day, folks! Or, you know, like, ever.

Usually, when a musician covers a song from an artist, they do one of two things: They either pay homage to the artist and song by doing a slightly different take on it, while still keeping the integrity of the song intact; or they run wild with a unique version of the song, which is exactly what 22-year-old ocarina maker Toni Patanen from Helinski, Finland, did.

First, he explained the process of making the vegetables into instruments and how they’re really not that different from ocarinas, which are usually made out of clay.

Ocarinas are normally made of clay, but making them with [vegetables] isn’t really that much harder,” Toni said.

He also wrote on his social media pages, “The irony of playing ‘Africa’ with food is incredible. To make up for it,  please go help out some people after watching this video.”

In the past month since Toni put the video on his YouTube channel, his rendition of “Africa” has gotten over 3 million views and has garnered over 8500 comments. One user was pleasantly surprised with Toni’s version of the song, writing, “Thought you were just going to smack it, but you, sir, are talented.”

What do you think of Toni’s version of “Africa”?

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