Vermont Man Returns From 75-Day Silent Retreat, Missed Pandemic, Tweets ‘Did I Miss Anything?’

by Amy Paige
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Daniel Thorson decided to go on a silent retreat to re-center himself, connect with nature, and just enjoy the silence.

He headed off to the Buddhist Monastic Academy, located in a deep rural area of Vermont, and spent 75 days in meditation mode.

For nearly three months, it was all about silence and isolation. Daniel was totally cut off from the outside world. He didn’t speak to anyone except for his teacher, briefly, and wasn’t watching the news or his social media feeds.

He only wanted to be told if anything bad happened to his loved ones back at home, and in that case he would leave the retreat.

Weeks into his experience, Daniel could just feel something was off. He says he sensed fear coming from the outside world, but he didn’t know why.

Little did he know that while he was living in silence and isolation, the rest of the world was enduring a global pandemic.

Then, in late May, Daniel completed his 75 days and logged back into Twitter for the first time. “I’m back from 75 days in silence,” he wrote. “Did I miss anything?”

Watch the video below to see how Daniel felt once he learned what exactly he’d missed.

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