Man Shaves His Beard For The First Time In 40 Years And Raises $51,000 For ALS Charity

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For many people, the act of shaving has little to no significance. The chore is considered to be a tedious task at best.

But sometimes, shaving has a special significance for someone, like this teen who shaved her head to support her sister diagnosed with alopecia. Other times, it’s a sign of a new beginning, the way this homeless veteran’s transformative makeover earned him a new life and a new job!

Not unlike these brave people, a man underwent a remarkable change, all for a great cause close to his heart.

But perhaps the most shocking detail about Ralph “Boonie” Lethbridge’s makeover is how long he’s unknowingly been preparing for this moment.

The Newfoundland man always had a long beard, reaching to his chest, which he’s been growing for a whopping 40 years! In fact, he hasn’t shaved since the age of 16!

His first shave in 40 years was quite the event. People even packed a skating rink to see it. As he takes a seat in the middle of the rink, it’s hard to imagine what he would look like without his beard. Needless to say, after the shave, he looks like a completely different person!

The event raised a grand total of $51,000 for a local ALS charity (you can donate online here). Lethbridge’s good friend, Larry, was recently diagnosed with the disease. Watch the two emotionally embrace after Lethbridge’s touching sacrifice.

We think Lethbridge found the perfect reason to suddenly change his look!

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