Desperate Man Tries Selling His Car To Save His Sick Dog’s Life But Community Refuses To Let Him

by Amy Paige
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There’s nothing more meaningful in Randy Etter’s life than his beloved dog, Gemini. So when veterinarians told Randy that Gemini was on the brink of death, his world completely shattered.

Gemini was suffering from an intestinal blockage. The necessary surgery would cost Randy thousands of dollars that he didn’t have — but vets said that if Gemini didn’t have the surgery as soon as possible, his death was imminent.

Randy spent the day driving from one vet office to another, begging for some kind of deal. To make matters even worse, he lost his day job in the process.

He resorted to putting his car up for sale and planned to use the money to save Gemini.

He listed the car for much less than he would have wanted, but he was desperate.

“I don’t care if it takes every dime of what I get if I sell this car,” he pleaded on Facebook, continuing, “my dog is my best friend u guys … i don’t think u understand what he means to me.”

Randy tried to sweeten the deal by explaining he had just put a new suspension on the vehicle.

One of his friends kindly gave him $2,000, but that amount still didn’t cover the lifesaving procedure. That’s when the S.O.A.R Initiative, aka the Street Outreach Animal Response, stepped in.

The outreach group posted Randy’s heartbreaking story on its Facebook page. Randy was blown away by the kindness that came next.

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis

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