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Stranger Frees Frantic Dog From Sweltering Car And Then Waits To Confront The Owner

by Amy P
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Gerasimos Klonis and his girlfriend were having lunch at a restaurant in Albuquerque when they heard a dog crying nearby.

They quickly realized those cries were coming from inside a parked car — meaning the dog was trapped inside the owner’s car on the brutally hot day and feeling the effects of the climbing temperatures.

Since there was no sign of the dog’s owner, a few minutes passed by before Gerasimos called 911.

Meanwhile, the poor dog struggled to breathe, sticking its snout out the tiny window crack and pawing at the window in the effort to “dig” its way out.

Gerasimos and his girlfriend kept waiting for help to arrive, but after 10 more minutes, they could no longer bear to see the animal in despair.

That’s when Gerasimos, an animal lover at heart, took matters into his own hands. He certainly didn’t want to cause damage to someone else’s car, but the last thing he wanted to see was an innocent creature die. So he picked up a crowbar and started smashing the window — which resulted in him requiring stitches and a tetanus shot.

In the clip below, Gerasimos can be seen freeing the dog from the locked car … and then confronting the owner face-to-face.

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