Good Samaritan Sees Car Plunge Into River, Saves 4 Kids After Dad Shoots Their Mom While Driving

by Amy Paige
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Harrell Fischer was doing some work on his boat, late one night in Sacramento, when he heard the sound of gunshots.

Within seconds, Harrell watched in shock as a car went speeding by before crashing into the nearby river.

Harrell and his friend didn’t even hesitate; they jumped into the boat and went to save the passenger, or passengers.

As soon as they opened the car door, Harrell saw a child’s face looking right at him. Then he saw a pair of little hands reaching out of the door.

He says his instincts immediately took over, realizing kids — four of them, ranging from 2 to 6 — were trapped inside the sinking vehicle.

Harrell and his friend pulled all four children out of the freezing water. They were devastated and clearly in shock.

Then the 6-year-old boy revealed what happened before the car plunged into the river.

“He killed my mom,” the boy told Harrell.

Watch the video below to see the absolute tragedy that led to this Good Samaritan’s heroic and lifesaving act.

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