Man Finds 6 Abandoned Kittens, Then Refuses To Leave For Hours Until Their Mama Shows Up

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Rescuing animals is a tough job, and oftentimes it doesn’t even pay. Many volunteers dedicate hours, months, and years of their lives to help animals.

The Kitten Cottage is an organization in South Africa dedicated to taking in kittens and mama cats. The group makes sure they are healthy and then gets them new, safe homes.

One day, the Kitten Cottage received a call about a group of kittens that had been found abandoned in a home. It was unclear if the kittens or their mama had previously been owned — what was certain was that the little ones were in dire need of help.

That is where Luke, a worker from Cape Animal Inspectors Organization, stepped in.

He got on the scene quickly, finding the kittens safe but alone. Rather than bring in the six kittens and call it a day, Luke knew there was more work to be done: He wanted to reunite the little ones with their mama!

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The kittens were only a few weeks old when Luke found them. He could tell that they’d fed that day, though he saw that all the commotion must have frightened their mama. Luke couldn’t find her anywhere.

Luke knew that the mom was in the area, so instead of leaving with the litter of kittens, he set up a subtle trap in hopes that she’d return. His goal was to bring them all in together.

Luke stayed with the kittens for hours and hours to bottle feed them.

“(Luke was) sitting waiting for mommy while bottle feeding the babies… this is pure dedication,” the Kitten Cottage said.

Sure enough, mama cat showed back up and went right into the trap to see her babies! Luke was able to get the kittens and their mama into carriers and took them all to safety.

The family was taken to the Kitten Cottage and were later set up with a foster family. As the kittens grow, they are becoming more adventurous and love to play with each other.

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