Mom Is Recovering From Breast Cancer, Then Husband Of 26 Years Falls To One Knee And Re-Proposes

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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In 1990, Iowa couple Lora and Jim Koch tied the knot. They had two daughters and lived a happy family life.

Recently, though, Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors told her she had breast cancer in February, 2017, so she had surgery later in the month to remove the cancer.

Now Lora is recovering well, but she just had another huge surprise when her husband of 26 years once again got down on one knee.

Christin Koch, their daughter, explained to Cosmopolitan, “My mom’s old wedding ring had just been too small for a while so she knew she would get a new one at some point, but she didn’t know when.”

After Lora had her surgery, Jim took Christin to the jewelry store with him. Jim told her they were there to pick up the ring for Lora, which Christin describes in the following way: “It was so beautiful and even more special because it features the diamonds from her original wedding ring.”

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jim and lora wedding

When Jim and Lora Koch got married back in 1990, they made vows that they would always be there for each other, “in sickness and in health.”

Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2017, and Jim knew it was time to prove he truly meant it when he said his vows.

lora and jim

Instead of just being there for his wife, though, he decided to go above and beyond.

Since her original wedding ring was too small, Jim took it to a jeweler to rework the diamonds into a new ring.

He and his daughter Christin went to pick it up, and when they got home, Jim re-proposed to his wife.

christin koch tweet

When Christin saw her dad get down on one knee next to her mom, she knew exactly what to do: she pulled out her camera.

She snapped a few shots of her parents and posted them on Twitter.


During the proposal, Jim told his wife that he loved her no matter what.

He wanted her to truly know that he would love her in sickness and in health and always be there for her.

Lora was totally overwhelmed by Jim’s proposal and completely broke down when he showed her the ring.

proposal 26 years later

If you’re not already crying, this will get you.

Christin told Cosmopolitan, “After he gave her the ring and had left the room my mom had told me, ‘This is what true love really is, even when I look like this he still loves me. As unattractive as I feel right now I can’t believe I deserve something so beautiful.'”

jim and lora hugging

People everywhere are inspired by Jim and Lora’s love for one another. What do you think of their incredible marriage?

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