Man Removes Snow From Lawn Without A Shovel By Rolling It Like A Carpet

by June Rivers
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As the United States gears up for another cold winter, much of the country anticipates the blankets of snow in the coming months.

The following video features a simple yet brilliant life hack that garnered millions of views around the round.

Joshua Jordan lives in West Virginia and he’s no stranger to seeing his yard covered in thick layers of snow. Sick of using his shovel, Joshua come up with a creative way to handle the exhausting chore.

Instead of digging through the piles, Jordan gets on his hands and knees and starts rolling the snow up like a carpet, revealing the clean grassy ground underneath.

Apparently the snowfall must be wet and sticky in order to see results like Joshua’s, not dry and powdery. Regardless,  it’s awesome to watch his snowball-rolling technique in action!

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