Man Stuns Other Wedding Guests By Dropping To One Knee Immediately After The Bouquet Toss

by Caralynn Lippo
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Weddings are all about romance, and there was double the love in the air at this particular reception!

Inside Edition reports that a guest gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life when he proposed to her at his cousin’s wedding. But for those who are worried that the newlyweds felt upstaged, fear not — groom-to-be Joe Booker, 28, planned the epic proposal with the help of the bride and groom.

Joe’s girlfriend, 29-year-old Kirsty Frayne, was a bridesmaid in the wedding. As the bride, Natalie Lavell, prepared for the traditional bouquet toss, Joe got into position behind an unsuspecting Kirsty.

The bridesmaid laughed in surprise as Natalie pretended to get ready to throw the bouquet before walking it over and handing it to Kirsty directly instead.

Kirsty clearly thought her friend was just playing around. But then, she turned around and saw Joe on one knee.

“I never thought Joe would propose like that,” Kirsty told Inside Edition. “He’s very quiet and doesn’t like being the center of attention so for him to get down on one knee in front of a lot of people was massive for him, and I think that added to the shock factor, which is what he was going for.”

The happy couple said that the idea had been formed during the bachelor party celebration for the groom, Ben Lavell, who is Joe’s cousin. It was actually Ben’s idea for Joe to propose during his and Natalie’s wedding.

The entire surprise proposal was caught on camera in a now-viral video. And despite the look of clear joy on the faces of all involved, there have been naysayers who criticized the newly engaged couple for stealing the bride and groom’s thunder. But Kirsty said that’s absolutely not the case.

“They’re the ones who suggested Joe propose on their wedding day,” she explained. “I hope it didn’t take away from their special day — it certainly wasn’t the plan.”

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