Mom Sees Kid’s Mouth Turning Blue, Hands Him To ‘Guardian Angel’ Who Puts Training To The Test

by Kim Wong-Shing
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One lucky family is forever indebted to the owner of a Greeley, Colorado, carpet cleaning business.

Vanessa Navarrete was driving along Highway 85 last Friday afternoon when her infant son’s eyes rolled back in his head.

She pulled the car over, realized he wasn’t breathing, and began to panic.

“I’m holding my baby, and his mouth was so blue to where I didn’t know what to do at this point,” Vanessa told KDVR.

At that very moment, JBP Carpet Cleaning owner Jon Province was driving south along the same highway when he noticed Vanessa and her family parked along the shoulder. He immediately made a U-turn, put his van in park, and hopped out to help.

“She just straight-up handed me her child and said, ‘He can’t breathe, he can’t breathe,'” Jon recalled.

Jon had learned how to perform CPR while attending a police academy in community college, so he tapped into his old training to bring the boy back.

“I was doing 30 compressions per breath. He had a couple breaths here and there and then he’d stop breathing again. I just said, ‘C’mon, give me a cry,'” Jon said.

The family waited in suspense as the boy’s fate hung in the balance. Finally, it happened: the loud cry they’d all been waiting for arrived.

“He’s our guardian angel,” Vanessa said of Jon.

But Jon’s heroics didn’t end there. See what he did once the boy got settled into the emergency room…

Footage provided by KDVR Denver

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