Mom Breaks Down In Tears When She Meets Minister With Her Son’s Liver 2 Years After Car Accident

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Julie Spear lost her son Evan on May 16, 2015, during a fatal car accident. But he had made the decision to be an organ donor. It was that act that helped save a complete stranger’s life.

Keith Stampley, a retired minister from Alton, Illinois was the recipient of Evan’s liver which was transplanted a mere two days after Evan’s death. “I thank God every day,” Keith says about receiving the transplant.

Two years later, Keith and Julie would finally be able to meet up in Denver before the 18th Annual Donor Dash 5K.

In the clip below you’ll witness the pair’s emotional meeting full of tears and lots of hugs. Keith even lets Julie put her hand on his shirt over his liver to feel her son’s organ. “It has been a source of light and honor for me. His legacy of giving life to others is amazing to me,” Julie. “As a donor mom, it has really been saving me as well.”

Thanks to Evan’s decision to be an organ donor, he saved three other people.

Keith says that he can feel the teen with him every day.

“I never ate ketchup,” Keith. “After I had the transplant I was like, ‘Hey, I can eat ketchup.’ I never ate pizza, and I like pizza now.”

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