Teen Couple Places Baby Boy For Adoption, And 36 Years Later He Comes Back On Their Wedding Day

by Amy Paige
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Michele Newman was only 16 years old when she discovered she was pregnant. The shocking news came a few months after she broke up with her high school sweetheart, Dave Lindgren.

The teenage lovers from Wisconsin knew they weren’t ready to become parents.

After struggling and praying, Michele made the emotional decision to place their son for adoption. As the years passed, however, she never stopped thinking about him.

Baby Martin was a newborn when he was taken home by his adoptive family. Meanwhile, Michele and Dave went their separate ways. Michele moved to Hawaii, and Dave stayed in Wisconsin and had a family.

Martin always knew he was adopted, but he never really had the urge to learn about his birth parents.

It wasn’t until he himself became a father that his feelings changed.

In 2014, Martin became a dad and decided to track down his biological mother, Michele. The pair formed a much-welcomed relationship.

Though she hadn’t spoken to Dave in years, the reemergence of Martin inspired Michele to contact her former flame.

Michele and Dave spent three hours talking on the phone, thousands of miles away from one another. They reminisced about their lives together as teenagers in love.

Later that month, Michele and Dave came up with idea.

The rest of the story is like something out of a movie.

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