Husband Buys Rundown Bike For $30 And Turns It Into A Masterpiece For His Wife

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

When one man wanted to give his wife the perfect gift, he didn’t just run to the store and pick something out from the shelf.

No sir, he made it all on his own, with his own time, creativity, and elbow grease.

Imgur user shirkaday really wanted for his wife to have a beautiful, functional bike so that they could ride together. However, everything that he was finding didn’t suit her. If the color was right, it didn’t have the proper specifications or accessories. If the specs were right, the color and style were all wrong.

Instead of shelling out piles of cash for someone else to build him a custom bike exactly as he wanted or giving his wife a less-than-perfect bike, he did what not many folks would do.

He decided to build the bike on his own!

He started scouring his sources for the best components to piece together all on his own. The end result really is a beautiful piece of art!

This is the rickety, single-speed bike he purchased for just $30. The wheels were unsalvageable, as the spokes were either broken or loose, and the paint definitely had to go immediately. The bones were good, though, and this loving husband was ready to get started.

First, a good sanding was due. He first sand-blasted the majority of the paint, and then took to the frame with good old fashioned sand paper to clean it up really nicely.

Next, a nice coat of fresh, non-Pepto-Bismol-colored paint was sprayed onto the newly naked frame.

Once that was all set, it was time to assemble all of the parts that he’d collected for his wife’s dream bike.

The original handlebars needed a bit of work, but once he sanded down some ugly ridges, he was almost ready to start adding some of the lovely details, like copper accents and leather handlebars.

…But not before adding this vintage-looking seat.

This beautiful copper bell is just one of many copper accents on this glorious custom, 5-speed bicycle.

The pedals, too, are copper. No detail went unnoticed when this husband was building his wife her dream bike.

When all is said and done, this is what the bicycle looked like. Every part of it is absolutely perfect!

With just $30 for the frame and handlebars, and the added cost of getting the perfect parts at reasonable prices, this man’s lucky lady will have the most stylish ride in the bike lane.

What a lovely thing for a man to do for his wife. It takes time to take on a project like this one, and this man certainly didn’t cut any corners when he was working on this project. That’s one very lucky lady, that’s for sure.

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