Man In Debt Says He Lives In Dog Kennel, Then Shows Cameras The Inside

by Kristin Avery
Kristin shares a Chicago home with a dog, a rabbit, two cats, a husband, and an 11-year-old daughter.

When all else fails, most of us have a home where we can regroup and figure out what to do next. Homes don’t have to be large or extravagant — just a place that is familiar, safe, and our own. A tiny house, an apartment, or even a rented room will do.

But what if that safety net disappeared and you lost your home and had nowhere to go? I can’t imagine not having a home base to return to each night.

Jamie Curtis lost his rented apartment after falling heavily into debt. With nowhere else to go, he set up a tent in a farmer’s field, where he lived for many months. But time passed and his tent eventually disintegrated.

Fortunately, he then discovered an abandoned dog kennel, 12 feet by 15 feet, and moved in.

Jamie describes the doghouse as a normal house only on a smaller scale. He is slowly turning the one-time kennel into a home with a bed, a bookcase, a rocking chair, and a solar-heated shower. He plans to finish waterproofing and add insulation for warmth.

In addition to fixing up his new home, Jamie passes the time by reading, studying, and drawing. He hopes to eventually save enough money to rent a real flat of his own.

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