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Man Spends 48 Hours Living In Animal Shelter To Raise Money For Homeless Pets

by Rebecca Landman
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Last weekend, Rob Morlino only had one question for his viewers — would they adopt him?

Morlino, Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society‘s strategic outreach coordinator, spent all 48 hours of this past weekend living inside the kennel to raise $10,000 for homeless animals.

Not only did Morlino live within the shelter’s limits all weekend long, but he lived life as one of its homeless inhabitants.

He was cared for by its volunteers, taken on walks, let out for doggie playtime, and more. Additionally, the whole event was live streamed on Facebook, so viewers could tune in, watch Morlino’s antics, and donate to the shelter’s cause.

And amazingly enough, their plan actually worked! Viewers absolutely ate up the shelter’s #AdoptRob coverage.

Swarms of animal lovers tuned in on Facebook to watch Morlino live amongst the other animals and donate to “adopt” him.

Within their 48 hour window, the shelter’s team successfully surpassed their $10,000 fundraising goal, a beautiful way to close out their incredible event.

Keep scrolling below, and watch the video to learn more about Morlino’s 48 hours in the kennel.

[H/T: The Huffington Post]

man in pet shelter

Rob Morlino spent this past weekend staging the most adorable self-proclaimed publicity stunt ever.

Starting July 21st, he spent a full 48 hours inside Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society‘s property, living as one of its homeless pet inhabitants.

man in pet shelter

Normally, Morlino is the shelter’s strategic outreach coordinator. He designed this 48-hour #AdoptRob campaign as one of many events connected to the shelter’s larger #CelebrateConnection initiative.

His 48-hour stay was live streamed on Facebook, in the hopes of inspiring viewers to donate, “adopt him,” and help this shelter reach its $10,000 fundraising goal.

man in pet shelter

During his stay, Morlino was treated exactly like one of the shelter’s homeless pets.

He ate out of a bowl, was taken for walks on a leash, played with volunteers, and was even let out for doggie playtime.

man in pet shelter

Of being in the shelter at night, Morlino told The Huffington Post that, “it was almost spookily quiet.”

He was also pleasantly surprised by how many volunteers came through, devoting their free time to lifting these adorable animals’ spirits.

man in pet shelter

While he was afforded a few key human privileges, like doing his business in the comfort of a bathroom, painting a portrait of one of the dogs, and interviewing shelter workers, these were few and far between.

Mostly, he was just enjoying his time with the animals on camera, and broadcasting his antics to folks all over the world.

And amazingly enough, those viewers absolutely adored this campaign.

man in pet shelter

Swarms of folks donated what they could to “adopt” him, and within the 48-hour window, Morlino and his team surpassed their $10,000 fundraising goal!

This awesome shelter worker and his entire team used their creativity to dream up an awesome campaign and reach their fundraising goals.

Watch the video below to hear from Morlino in his own words!

For more information, visit the shelter’s website or donate to the shelter’s CrowdRise page.

What do you think of Morlino’s 48-hour project? Have you ever volunteered with your local animal shelter? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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