Old Man Is Kicked Out With All His Stuff; Reporters Arrive To Learn He’s A Revered Artist

by Amy P
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Titus Blade Steele, 69, started having issues with his landlord that ultimately got him evicted from the Memphis apartment he’d called home for nearly a decade.

The elderly man was thrown onto the streets, his belongings scattered on the grass. He had no place to go and nowhere to store his stuff. The Memphis Animal Shelter also took his cats and placed them up for adoption.

As Titus tried to sell his belongings in a hurry, his story was picked up by local news stations. While sorting through his things, reporters discovered Titus had documented his storied life. One portfolio contained a newspaper article about the murder of his beloved brother, which had a massive impact on his life.

But Titus’ belongings also revealed he was once a revered artist, writer and traveler, with article clippings and old photos showcasing his mural paintings, galleries, and endless volunteer hours.

Titus says his experiences made him want to give back by giving a home to stray cats. Over the years, Titus took in more than 20 strays. The bond he formed with his feline friends helped get him through the more difficult times.

One month after his story hit local headlines, WREG news tracked Titus down at his sister’s home. Producers had received a ton of messages from concerned folks who wanted to help.

Then there were his former high school classmates from Memphis Technical High School who had seen his story in one of their alumni social media groups. They hadn’t seen Titus for decades, but they never forgot him. After all, Titus was “a pioneer in the school system.”

As one of the first African-American students to go to the high school, Titus was remembered for his courage, talent, and amazing personality.

“With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime,” one of his classmates wrote in a letter to him.

But that wasn’t all his fellow alumni did. Watch the video below to see what happened when the community decided to step up for Titus in a big way.

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Footage provided by WREG Memphis

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