Man Tries To Photograph The Eclipse, But Captures Picture Of Mysterious Shadow Behind The Moon

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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North Americans welcomed this year’s total solar eclipse with excitement from coast to coast.

Yesterday’s eclipse was the first full eclipse of the sun visible in North America in nearly 40 years.

Almost everyone I know was excited to see the natural phenomenon in person. Lots of us stepped outside in the middle of the workday to check it out.

All across the country, people had been stocking up on eclipse glasses and solar filters for their cameras, or getting crafty by creating their own eclipse-viewing cereal boxes.

I didn’t even try to get a picture of the eclipse, because I knew my iPhone couldn’t handle it.

I decided to leave the photography to the experts — and that was a good choice.

One eclipse watcher caught an incredible image that might show more than just the sun and the moon. Some people are even saying his photograph shows God.

Keep scrolling to see the incredible image and decide for yourself.

[H/T: Fox 26 Houston]

Image Credit: Instagram / just.fortune.royalties_


When heading out to photograph the full solar eclipse, lots of us were hoping to get a picture like this one.

Unfortunately, without professional cameras and expensive equipment, most pictures fell short of high resolution.

jeremy nickens

One eclipse watcher, however, managed to capture something incredible. This is Jeremy Nickens, who says he photographed the eclipse from Silver Spring, Maryland.

man in the eclipse

Jeremy captured this image of the eclipse peeking out from behind the clouds. But there’s something even more stunning here. Do you see the figure of a man behind the eclipse?

eclipse in the clouds

Plenty of other eclipse watchers took pictures of the sun and the moon in the clouds, but the shadow figure that appeared in Jeremy’s photograph was nowhere to be seen, making it that much more interesting.

eclipse comments

Jeremy posted his image online, and his followers were amazed. Many thought it was a sign from God.

Fox 5 DC reposted Jeremy’s image on their Instagram page. Followers there were equally as stunned. Some saw Buddha, while others saw a man wearing glasses. Another commenter said her family had taken a similar photo.

What do you see here? I can pretty clearly see a head and shoulders, but I’m not sure what else. One commenter said they saw a man kneeling in front of something. Do you?

Whatever it is, Jeremy definitely captured something incredible here! Please SHARE this amazing image on Facebook and see what your friends and family think!