Man Takes Senior Dog Out By The Pool Only To Find Himself Staring At 8-Foot Gator In The Water

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For Matt Fino, it was like any other morning: around 7 a.m., he took his 23-year-old dog Charlie out by the pool. Charlie usually goes about his business and sometimes gets a drink of water, but this time, Matt rushed back into his home, screaming.

He woke up his wife, Rosa. She was baffled by what he was telling her he saw in the pool.

She told WPTV that she simply had to see it for herself.

When she came out, she witnessed what had given her husband such a fright: it was a seven- or eight-foot-long gator swimming around at the bottom of their pool.

“Everybody immediately sprung up and ran outside to look,” Matt told WPTV.

The family took photos with the animal (at a safe distance, of course). Rosa called 911 to have the authorities send trappers for the huge gator, but not before she called the news station about the sighting!

As for where the gator came from, the Finos say that they live near a canal and that it’s possible that the animal came from there.

Watch the clip below to see breathtaking footage of the huge alligator! How shocked would you be if you saw a creature like this in your pool or backyard?

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Footage and photos provided by WPTV West Palm Beach

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