Man Paints Slab Of Wood, Then Starts Electrocuting It To Create Intricate Sculpture

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Have you ever seen wood electrification?

Maybe you’ve seen a piece of wood, like a tree branch, after it was struck by lightning during a storm. The electrocution creates little branch-like patterns on the wood. This is called a Lichtenberg figure!

Artist Salem Barker first discovered the electrification process, then played with it until he found a perfect way to create beautiful art using wood.

In the video below, he uses catalpa wood, which is a bit trickier to electrocute than most woods. According to Salem, wood is an insulator, so he uses a water-based mineral solution to make the wood more conductive.

Watching him electrocute the wood is fascinating enough, but it is even better to see the final design after the entire process. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before!

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Video Credit: Salem Barker / Salem Fine Art Sculptures 

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