Man Is Enjoying A Sandwich In His Kitchen, Then Looks Up To Find A Bear On His Stairs

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Bob Anderson of Utah was enjoying a sandwich in his kitchen on July 12, 2017, when an unwelcome visitor caught his attention. A bear had managed to get inside Bob’s house and was hanging out on his staircase.

“I’m about done with the sandwich and I look up and the bear is on that landing right there looking at me,” Bob says in the video below. “I ran over and said, ‘Shoo, shoo,’ and the bear got up and started walking out the garage.”

Thankfully for Bob, he was just a curious little bear and not a fully grown animal. He called the police to report the incident, and they came over with hounds to check out the scene.

While the police were outside looking for the bear, he was somewhere else. “While they were looking for the bear,” Bob says, “the bear came in the house.” Yes, for a second time, the bear strolled back inside and rummaged through Bob’s kitchen. He made off with some bread and even broke Bob’s cookie jar.

“It probably was just kicked off of its mom,” says Jason Vernon, the central region supervisor for Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources. “When they’re kicked off, they’re searching for a new home range.”

Bob says the bear eventually went out to his balcony, jumped off, and ran into the woods.

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Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake

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