Man Submits His DNA To See If He Has Diabetes—Only To Find Father Who Never Knew He Existed

by Amy P
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Casper Collins, 37, submitted his DNA to 23andMe hoping to gain some clarity about his genetics in relation to his medical issues.

He thought maybe he could learn more about his health and if he was predisposed to type 2 diabetes.

But when the Tennessee man got his results back, he made a completely different type of discovery.

Casper received a DNA match in addition to some genetic insights — and that DNA match was a biological brother named Michael Robertson, who lived in Colorado.

Once Casper and Michael connected, a previously unknown past was revealed, leading Casper to the biological father who never even knew he existed.

“To realize I have kind of been looking at him in the mirror my entire life is just mind blowing,” he told CBS.

And after 37  years, a father and son were about to meet for the very first time over the Thanksgiving holiday, for one very special dinner.

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