Man Settles Nasty Property Dispute Over Land By Slicing Neighbor’s Garage In Half

by Amy Paige
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In 2012, Gabriel Brawn and his family moved back to Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, to live in the property where he grew up.

Everything was peaceful between the Brawns and their neighbors … until their next-door neighbor, Steve, died in 2016.

“As soon as that poor man passed away this place turned to craziness and chaos,” Gabriel’s wife told WGME.

It all started when the Brawns placed a pile of wood chips near the property boundary so some downed tree limbs could be safely and properly removed.

The Brawns returned to find Steve’s son had come to stick a stake in the ground, right where the wood chips had been piled.

Thus began a heated and contentious relationship between the families.

It got to the point where Gabriel had two separate land surveyors confirm the neighbor’s property was partially on their land.

The dividing line went through the neighbor’s garage.

That’s when Gabriel, who works in construction, came up with an idea — and it involved his trusty handsaw …

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