65-Year-Old Man Clings To Speeding SUV’s Hood In Bizarre Road Rage Incident Caught On Video

by Amy Paige
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The bizarre and frightening road rage incident you’re about to see began with a minor accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Richard Kamrowski, 65, says 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald drifted into his lane and tapped his car. The two men exchanged some heated words while exchanging insurance information before Richard claims Mark tried to drive off and flee the scene.

But Richard leaped onto Mark’s windshield, as he was standing in its path. But, instead of stopping, Mark kept driving down the turnpike!

For three miles, Richard held onto the hood for dear life, terrified he’d be run over if he let go, as Mark’s SUV reportedly hit speeds of up to 70 miles an hour!

Richard says he tapped into his survival instincts and managed to call 911 while clutching the hood. “I just kept telling him to ‘stop the car, stop the car’ and he wouldn’t stop. He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow… tried to get me to slide off.”

The incident was captured on video by a female driver in another car.

Watch the video to see how two other drivers were able to resolve this potentially life-threatening encounter.

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