Man Lives In Childhood Home For 80 Years, Leaves It Untouched After His Parents Died 50 Yrs Ago

by Amy Paige
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When John Collingwood’s parents bought their house in 1925, it was the only house on the street. He was born at the home in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1934.

John’s parents died 50 years ago, and he’s been living in the same house ever since — and has left everything exactly as it was when his parents and brother lived there.

After sharing photos of his retro home with the press, the former textiles worker became known for living inside his “time warp of treasured family belongings.”

Walking into John’s home is like a portal to the past. He still has his parent’s wind-up gramophone and radio from 1950, the exact same refrigerator and gas food cooker from when he was a kid, and an air-raid shelter in the garden where he and his family hid during the World War II bombings.

He takes pride in the fact his toilet and bathtub are older than he is!

John has received many offers to buy some of his priceless antique items, but he refuses to sell anything. He’s also watched countless neighbors come and go over the years.

“There are people on the street who are older than me, but no one has lived here as long as I have,” John told Caters News Agency. “I would never move somewhere else; it has never even occurred to me. I will be here for the rest of my life.”

Check out this awesome retro house in the video below.

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