Man Fills Box With Pillows To Catch Cat Dangling From 2nd-Story Ledge In Shopping Mall

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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They say cats always land on their feet — but sometimes the way down can be pretty terrifying.

According to Newsflare, a cat in Shenyang City, China, had a pretty terrifying fall — but ended up totally OK thanks to a couple Good Samaritans.

The cat somehow ended up trapped between the floor and a glass barrier on the second story of a mall in Shenyang City, unable to climb back up to the floor he fell from. The only way for him to go was down.

When passersby noticed the cat in trouble, they knew they needed to help. So two kind people teamed up to get the cat to freedom.

Because the cat couldn’t get back up or be pulled back up through the narrow crack, the only option was to push him out of it.

But it was a long way down from the second floor.

So, the team divided up. One stood upstairs and gave the trapped cat a gentle push down while the other stood on the first floor below, ready to catch the cat in a box lined with blankets.

Other shoppers in the mall watched nervously as the scared cat made his dramatic fall — and landed perfectly in the box below.

The shoppers erupted in applause, and the cat reportedly ran away without any serious injuries.

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