Elderly Man Goes To Convenience Store To Buy Slim Jims For His Dog And Walks Out A Millionaire

by Amy Paige
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Dale Farrand, 73,  entered the Cumberland Farms convenience store in Fort Edward, New York. He was intent on buying a Slim Jim jerky stick for his beloved dog, Boots.

But while standing at the register, Dale decided to also purchase a Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket for $30, not actually expecting to win the $10 million prize.

Dale brought the ticket out to his car and scratched it off, then stared at the ticket in disbelief. He saw a woman outside the convenience store, showed her the ticket, and asked her to confirm he wasn’t seeing things.

“I rolled down the window and asked her to check the ticket for me,” Dale said at a press conference.

“She was a lot more excited than I was.”

With his winning ticket in hand, Dale drove home and had his wife Cathy check the ticket one more time.

After taxes and other required withholdings, Dale is set to receive a lump-sum payment of nearly $7 million.

So what’s he going to use the money for? Dale wants to pay off his mortgage and make some home repairs and renovations.

He also plans to set up trust funds for his children and grandchildren.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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