Man Notices Fire In Building Next Door, Then Hears Woman Scream That Her Baby Is Still Inside

by Angela Andaloro

When Kasey Black woke up, he discovered the building next door to the one he lived in was on fire. He rushed outside to see people panicking.

“It just looked like an inferno,” he said. “Flames all over inside of the window. They started to break out of the top.”

According to local police, the fire started around 11:30 p.m. in the fourplex building in Roy, Utah. Over a dozen people quickly escaped the building as the fire inside raged. As everyone was getting out, a woman screamed out that her baby was still inside. Neighbors clarified that the child was about 4 years old.

Kasey immediately got to work trying to break the front windows of the unit the mother said her child was in.

He was determined to save the child, whatever it took. “I tried to figure out where the child was because at that time — wherever he was — I was going to try to get to him, however I needed to,” he told Fox 13.

A police officer arrived and was able to break a window, but wasn’t able to get inside. Kasey then followed him as they tried the front door. He intended on following the officer inside, but the smoke had gotten too thick for either of them to navigate. Firefighters arrived shortly after and were able to get to the child. “One fireman went straight through the window, and it seemed like not even a minute later he was getting the child back through,” Kasey recalled. “It was pretty amazing.”

Kasey recalled how the atmosphere changed from concerned to relieved as the boy was brought out. Everyone who had been inside made it out of the burning building safely. There were no major injuries, but some residents and firefighters were treated for minor smoke inhalation. Listen to Kasey tell it in his own words in the video below!

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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