Man Adopts Stray Kitten While Biking Around The World, And Now They Travel Everywhere Together

by Olivia Jakiel
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What would you do if you were biking across part of the world all by your lonesome and you heard a tiny little meow in the distance?


That’s exactly the scenario Scottish cyclist Dean Nicholson found himself in while he was biking across the country, and now he and his BFF Nala are seeing the world together one bike ride at a time!

“I was going up a steep hill with my music blaring out of my speaker when I heard a desperate meow from behind me,” Dean told StoryTrender. “When I [noticed] the kitten, I got off my bike to stroke her then that was it, she wouldn’t leave my side.”

Sounds like love at first meow to me!

“She was a wee, scrappy little thing and so far away from anywhere,” Dean continued. “I wasn’t going to take her with me at first, but I soon fell in love with her and I couldn’t bring myself to leave her there alone. We’ve been inseparable now for the past four months. I named her Nala and got her a collar as well as a passport so she could travel with me.”

Dean travels with Nala securely strapped into a basket on the front of his bike and says that people get a kick out of seeing her little head pop up while he’s riding.

Everybody loves her when they see her popping out of the carrier on the front of my bike and always ask for pictures of her,” he said. “People even sometimes give me money but that might be because I look a bit homeless at the moment as most of the time, I set up camp in random, quiet spots I can find, including some castle ruins. It’s pretty crazy; I’ve had people pull over in their cars and get out to come see her as well.”

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