Mama Koala Gently Untangles Scared Baby Trapped In Barbed Wire

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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No loving mom wants to see her baby in pain.

No matter the species, many mothers will do anything to protect their babies.

From humans to puppies, the bond between mother and child is heartwarming.

According to Newsflare, a baby koala on Australia’s Sunshine Coast got stuck on some barbed wire — but he didn’t need to worry, because his mom was right there to help.

The baby koala somehow got tangled up and trapped in a barbed-wire fence down on the ground. I can only imagine how much pain that poor baby was in.

But like many mothers, this mama koala was not willing to leave her baby in pain.

She was up in a gum tree — a favorite hang-out spot for koalas — before quickly making her way right down to the ground when she realized her baby was in pain.

Luckily, someone was around to capture the incredible rescue on camera. This mama is so tender with her baby. They really remind me of humans.

The person recording said that shortly after the video cuts off, the baby koala climbed back up into the tree to share a sweet cuddle with his loving, heroic mama.

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