Mama June Stuns Family After Admitting She’s Over 200 Pounds Since Weight-Loss Surgery

by Madison Vanderberg

June “Mama June” Shannon revealed in a clip from her show Mama June: From Not to Hot that she was struggling to fit into her bridesmaid dress for daughter Pumpkin’s wedding — all because she was a bit over her goal weight of 200 pounds.

Back in June 2018, Mama June told Page Six: “I know I don’t want to go over 200 pounds. That’s been my goal from the very beginning when I had surgery two years ago. And I feel good right now. If I lose more weight, that’s fine. I don’t want to be super skinny.”

However, in the episode, June revealed that “last time I looked at the scale, I weighed over 200 pounds.” However, she seemed pretty chill about it — even joking that the weight gain was thanks to “all-you-can-eat buffets” — and simply pulled on some Spanx and made the dress fit.

It’s true that June went from 460 pounds to a size 4 back in 2016 thanks to a gastric sleeve surgery, but she recently admitted that she feels her best when she hovers near the 200-pound line.

“I’ve gained 25 pounds, I told people that in the first season I felt like, even going through it, I felt like I was too small,” June revealed in the same Page Six interview. “Now that I’m 185, 190 due depending on what time of the month is, I feel confident.”

You look great, Mama June!

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