Mama Cat Raises Abandoned Chihuahua Puppies

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In May of 2014, four Chihuahua-mix puppies were born premature. While two of the puppies didn’t make it, the other two survived but were rejected by their mother.

Enter an incredible 2-year-old mama cat named Nessy. Having recently birthed a litter herself, the SPCA staff decided to introduce Nessy, a Siamese mix, to the two orphan puppies — and that’s when something amazing happened.

Nessy immediately took to the puppies, accepting them into her litter of kittens. She did a wonderful job at being surrogate mother to these two adorable pups, nursing them like they were her own until they were big enough to be adopted.

“We took the puppies, put them on her to see if she liked them, and she loved them,” Debra Cantwell, SPCA adoption coordinator, told USA Today. Debra expected this “cute little family,” to bond and play together as the little ones grew up.

New mother cats have a history of taking on rejected or motherless baby animals of different species. For example, remember when a cat adopted and nursed three ducklings after they lost their mother? There’s nothing like a mother’s instinct to nurture and protect.

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