Woman Recreates Kate Middleton’s Outfits With Cheap Thrift Shop Items And Looks Just Like Her

by Jess Butler
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Mallory Bowling is a 29-year-old Kate Middleton superfan — and her dedication shows.

One of her favorite things to do is dress up like the Duchess of Cambridge without breaking the bank.

Mallory searches through secondhand shops and thrift stores, and she investigates online in order to replicate some of Kate’s most famous looks.

Once she has her outfit together, she posts her photos on Instagram and lets her followers know where everything is from.

The best part? She keeps every outfit under a few hundred dollars, which is a steal compared to the original prices she would otherwise have to work with.

The attorney is constantly looking for new outfits to add to her wardrobe, which only cost her a few hundred dollars over the course of five years to create.

Keep scrolling to see some of Mallory’s looks, styled after Kate Middleton’s outfits!

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / lady.m.replikates

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Kate Middleton outfits.

This is Mallory Bowling. Dressing like Kate Middleton is definitely this woman’s forte!

Kate Middleton outfits.

The best part about Mallory’s identical outfits is the fact that she creates them on a budget.

According to Daily Mail, “The attorney, who lives near Washington DC has remarkably only spent ‘a few hundred dollars over five years’ on copying Kate’s designer wardrobe.”

Kate Middleton outfits.

She searches far and wide to find key pieces that make each outfit complete. If she can’t find the exact item she wants, she finds something almost identical that will work for the look.

Kate Middleton outfits.

Mallory admits that Kate has even influenced certain elements of her wedding to her husband James, like the cake.

She tells Daily Mail, “Before the wedding, James and I had a look into our ancestry, and it turns out he’s very distantly related to the Queen Mother, so, in a way, I married into royalty.”

Kate Middleton outfits.

There is also a simple science behind her wardrobe.

According to Daily Mail, “Once she knows where the original item was from, she will trawl eBay, Amazon, boot sale-style app Depop or secondhand shops, for either pre-owned or very close copycat versions.”

She is always on the prowl!

Kate Middleton outfits.

Mallory shares each outfit on her Instagram, which has 2,182 followers as of October 11, 2017.

She even lays some of her clothing out flat so her followers can get a closer look at each individual item and learn where she bought them.

Kate Middleton outfits.

She definitely proves that you don’t have to empty out your pockets in orer to dress like a queen — or in this case, a duchess!

Kate Middleton outfits.

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