Woman’s Fiancé Forbids Her From Losing Weight. Then She Dumps Him Days Before The Wedding

by Barbara Diamond
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Mallory went on her first diet at the age of 8. The older she got, the more her weight spiraled out of control. By the time she graduated college and became a school teacher, she was nearly 400 lbs.

After having an emotional breakdown in the doctor’s office, Mallory finally agreed to undergo gastric bypass surgery. At first, she hated the idea and felt like she would be taking the easy way out… But she realized she needed help, and that her life depended on it.

Mallory’s life-changing decision to shed the pounds meant she’d have to pay an unexpected price. You see, Mallory was engaged to be married two months after the surgery — but her fiancé was anything but supportive.

Despite the fact she was morbidly obese, he tried to stop her from going through with the surgery. He told her she wouldn’t love him anymore if she was slimmer.

Now, the newly engaged school teacher was forced to decide between her health and her husband-to-be.

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This Mallory Buettner. She’s a 20-something primary school teacher who lives in Canada.

Mallory struggled with her weight ever since she was a little girl, attributing the struggle to her addiction to fatty foods and sugary drinks.

She started dieting at the age of 8 and was always the biggest kid in class.

By the time she was 10, Mallory weighed 200 lbs. By the time she graduated college, she was nearly 400 lbs.

No matter how many diets she tried, Mallory couldn’t lose the weight. After having a meltdown in the doctor’s office, she was advised to consider gastric bypass surgery.

“I hated the idea at first,” Mallory said. “I thought I didn’t need surgery, it seemed like the easy way out.”

But as a teacher, Mallory realized how important it was for her to have the energy and ability to keep up with her students.

She booked the surgery.

At the time, Mallory was engaged and her surgery was scheduled two months before her wedding. However, she realized her fiancé was not supportive of her decision to lose the weight once and for all. In fact, he tried to manipulate her into thinking she wouldn’t love him anymore if she was slimmer.

Forced to choose between her fiancé and her health, Mallory called off the wedding. She went forward with her surgery and never spoke to him again.

“It was the hardest thing, but I had to choose to be happy.”

Following a successful surgery, Mallory decided to complete her unbelievable transformation by removing 10 lbs. of skin from her stomach and 14 inches of skin from elbows down to her ribs.

After shrinking down to 187 lbs., Mallory learned to maintain her weight with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Mallory decided to share her story and document her progress because she knows how hard it is to ask for and/or accept help.

Having never worn a bikini before — even in the comfort of her own privacy — Mallory went out and bought not one, but five bikinis.

“For the first time, I feel like the outside matches the inside.”

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