Pregnant Mom Rushes To Hospital With Contractions At 26 Weeks Only To Discover She Has Cancer

by Mauricio Castillo
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A young mom from Memphis is crediting her twins with helping her battle cancer.

According to WREG Memphis, the story began when Mallory Brinson, at just 26 weeks pregnant, suddenly felt pain. She thought it was contractions, so she went to the hospital.

There, she received some startling news. Doctors told her she had acute myeloid leukemia. According to, it’s a type of leukemia that can “progress quickly if not treated.” Luckily, Mallory’s case was caught in time, and she thanks her then-unborn twins for that.

“I feel they are the reason I had contractions on the 29th and came into the hospital to find out I had cancer, because I had only had it — they figured — for three or four weeks,” Mallory said to WREG.

Oncologists at the Baptist Cancer Center were able to give Mallory the chemotherapy she needed because she was far enough into her pregnancy. Had it been earlier on, she and her twins might have been in serious danger.

Incredibly, her twins decided it was time to come out during her first week of chemo! “I think the girls realized it was a little hot in my belly,” Mallory reflected, detailing how her water broke during that week.

Everly and Annastyn, Mallory’s twin daughters, were born and kept in the hospital to gain weight and learn to breathe on their own. Mallory — now in remission — looked in on them from a laptop webcam while she recovered.

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